The Velveteen Rabbit is a production intended to attract audiences of all ages who want to visit a fantastical world of living children’s toys.  After spending Tuesday & Wednesday “on the road” visiting some of the Hebron Feeder Elementaries, this outstanding cast and crew look forward to putting on a show that will have audiences remember their times with Children’s Books.  The HHS Theatre Department would like to invite our younger audiences to a play that is designed for them to escape into their imaginations for a world that is sure to inspire their creativity!

From an educational standpoint, the BRAVO Productions classes are intended to strengthen the future of our department.  It is always exciting for the directors to see the growth of this group of actors and techies as they experience their first LIVE performances on the HHS stage.  The ENCORE actors and techies are given a rare opportunity to sit back, relax, and enjoy theatrical performances.

The Velveteen Rabbit

Narrator #1, Fairy – B Hollingsworth
Narrator #2, Toy Soldier – T Hulkowich
Narrator #3, The Lion, Nana, Extra Bunny – K Wright
Narrator #4, Toy Boat – S Jiwani
Skin Horse, Doctor, Extra Bunny – K Sam
Boy – L Nelson
Rabbit – M Alcantara
Aunt, Bunny #1 – A Horton
Uncle, Bunny #2 – C Cook
Boy Understudy – C Cook
Rabbit Understudy – A Horton

Stage Manager – C Burks
Assistant Stage Manager (Actor) – Z Rumpff
Assistant Stage Manager (Tech)/Shop Foreman – Q Woelffer (with assistance from M Thomas)
Light Operators – H Kersten
LED Operator – S Ismail (with assistance from D Watson)
Sound Operator – B McCown
Set Crew – T Hardrick
B McCown
Props Master/Mistress – S Reddy
Props Crew – T Johnson
Costume Shop Foreman – A Wheeler (with assistance from S Davis)
Costume Crew – T Hardrick
House Manager – T Johnson
House Crew/Ushers – D Miller
Encore Members