Parents and Community Members are always asking the directors “How can we help your department the most with producing such high quality productions?”  Our answer is always that you have a variety of options, so let’s go over those together:

  1.  Join the Booster Club, Join the Booster Club, Join the Booster Club.  This group of moms, dads, grandparents, and guardians of all varieties are always looking for more volunteers for the nights of the performances, the fundraising opportunities, as well as banquet, and many more exciting theatre events.  As this tight-knit group of passionate parents seek to help our department, the common frustration consistently rings out, “The same parents are always volunteering, and are therefore unable to see the entire show.”  The directors need as much help from parents and guardians as possible!  For more information, please contact Michelle Cordell at or come to any of the Booster Club Meetings.  Booster Meetings are always posted on the Main Page of and are announced in all HHS theatre classes, so encourage your kiddos to keep an ear out for the next meeting.
  2. Attend the productions that showcase our fantastic students from both the Varsity (“Encore“) and Junior-Varsity (“Bravo“) levels throughout the year.  Tickets are always reasonably priced, and are fun for the entire family.  It is important for our directors to choose plays that will have an impact on our students and our audiences.  These choices are influenced by the Mission Statement of our department.  For our department’s Mission Statement – why we do WHAT we do – click here.
  3. Donate money….with budget cutbacks, everyone was hit pretty hard – including our department.  Any financial support that you can give us via tickets or concession stand purchasing, Silent Auction bidding, or fundraiser support is incredible and helps us greatly!  When you see our shows, it’s hard to miss that our kids’ talent is well worth the money.  Furthermore, many of the donations our department has received have gone to supply lighting instruments and microphones that the entire Hebron High School uses: Band, Choir, Orchestra, Student Council, etc.!  With your giving, you will be making an impact on the vast majority of our school.
  4. Please bring us bottled water!  We are always in need of bottled water.  Our students, while working extremely hard during rehearsals, drink a lot of water during breaks.
  5. Most importantly, donate your time and energy to invest in these kids.  Let them know how much you appreciated their performance on the stage or behind the scenes in your favorite show(s) of the season.  As their directors, our praises can seem biased; however, what you say and do inspires them to continue to produce excellence on the stage, in the classroom, and throughout their high school experience at HHS.  Show them that you care about their involvement in our program by doing any (and/or all) of the above.

All of the directors want you to enjoy your service for our department.  Through that enjoyment, hopefully you will have as much fun at the theater as your students are having.