The Hebron Theatre Department would like to thank the following people for their constant support & dedication to see this department’s success and growth reach its full potential:

  • Mr. Scot Finch, Principal of Hebron High School
  • Mrs. Amanda Werneke, Principal of HHS 9th Grade Campus
  • Mrs. Vanessa Robichaux, Mrs. Sandra Lee, Mr. Jacob Garlinger, Mr. Dedrick Buckels, Mrs. Shawnda LaRocque, Mrs. Amy Obenhaus, Mr. James Scott, & Mrs. Deanna Gerde, HHS and HHS9 Assistant Principals
  • The HHS & HHS9 Faculty and Staff
  • The Hebron High School Theatre Booster Club
  • The Castle Hills Foundation
  • The local businesses who donate food, materials, and other items to the department