Technical Theatre I (Theatrical Design) – Students in this class will learn the basics of Theatre Tech: stage management, lighting, sound, costuming, properties, and set design; as well as the basics of set construction.  The primary purpose of this class is to prepare students to have active roles in the productions Hebron Theatre produces throughout the course of the year.  STUDENTS WILL BE BUILDING SET DURING THIS COURSE!  Therefore, closed-toed shoes and “Paint Clothes” are the appropriate attire for every day spent in this class.  This is a semester (half-year) course.

Class Syllabus can be found here.

These classes are taught by Mr. Heitzman & Mrs. Clarke.

Attached below are just a few of the topics that we will cover during this course.  Whether your goal is to become a Stage Manager, a Lighting Designer, or a Broadway Producer, you need to learn the basics of technical theatre!  During this half-year course, you will learn about these things and many more:

Warm-Up Sheets

Tech Theatre Vocab

Types of Stages

Theatre Production Structure

Production Structure Worksheet

Critique Writing

Leadership and Stage Management

Audition Terms

Budget Worksheet

Theatre Location Terms

Main Elements of Scenery

Perspective Practice

Color Meaning

Stage Rigging Sheet

Sound Design

Light Design

Theatre History: American Realism

Theatre History: Shakespeare

Theatre History: Commedia

Theatre History: Greek