Theatre Arts I –  This class is designed to provide any student the experience of the fundamentals of theatre.  Students may fulfill Fine Arts and elective requirements for graduation by successfully completing Theatre Arts I (one credit).  All Students must complete this course before entering the ENCORE PRODUCTIONS class, the BRAVO class, or the Theatre II class.

The knowledge and skills pursued in this course will cover four strands:

  • Perception. The student develops concepts about self, human relationships, and the environment, using elements of drama and conventions of theatre. Examples: improvisation, preparation/warm-ups, movement, voice, text analysis, theatre conventions, and interdependence.
  • Creative Expression/Performance. Creative expression/performance. The student interprets characters, using the voice and body expressively, and creates dramatizations. The student applies design, directing, and the theatre production concepts and skills. Examples: safety, character analysis, acting, playwriting, design and technical elements, directing, applied production, and specialization.
  • Historical/cultural heritage. The student relates theatre to history, society, and culture. Examples:  historical and cultural influences.
  • Response/evaluation. The student responds to and evaluates theatre and theatrical performances. Examples:  theater etiquette, criticism, interdisciplinary, careers and vocational pursuits.

Theatre Course Syllabus can be found here. Entr’Acte Course Syllabus can be found here.

Theatre Arts 1 and Advanced Theatre 1 (Entr’Acte) classes are taught by Mr. Heitzman and Mrs. McClung.

The links below are items that will be helpful for all Theatre 1 students to have access to.  It is through these units that each student will learn the basics of theatre, and how those basics apply to many aspects of their lives.

Warm-Up Sheets

Audience Etiquette

Pantomime Rubric

About Primitive Theatre

Primitive Theatre Project

Primitive Theatre Rubric

Body Language & Basic Staging Packet

Character Analysis

Click HERE for our Archived Monologue Selections for Female Auditions.

Click HERE for our Archived Monologue Selections for Male Auditions.

Monologue Rubric

Duet Acting Packet

Script Analysis and Blocking Notes

Theatre 1 Costume Rendering

Duet Acting Rubric

Improv Notes

Midterm Review

About Stage Combat

About Stage Combat2

Stage Combat Rubric


Theatrical Design Packet

Design Rubric

Class Play Expectations

The Rehearsal Process

Class Play Rubric

Final Review