A Piece of My Heart


Martha – F McGeer
Whitney – T Shukla
Mary Jo – E Bell
Steele – T Dormire
Leeann – D Ryan
Sissy – C Macon
Young Female Character Actress: A Bergeron
Middle-Aged Female Character Actress: D Cordell
Old Female Character Actress: M Varma
Soldier: K Cannington

Stage Manager: L King
Assistant Stage Managers: J Graham and J Koshy
Light Designer: J Miller
Light Operators: L Webster, E Watts and B Clounch
Sound Designer: St Davis
Sound Operators: C Dyson, B Cravens and J Koshy
Set Designer/Shop Foreman: M Thomas
Construction Crew: D Watson
S Farhood
G Burford
B Frank
P Thomas
P Vidal
S Chacko
C Madurai
Props Mistress: M Holden
Props Crew: S Abraham
F Ali
S Ansari
T Roark
C Wood
D Watson
Costume Shop Foreman: S Davis
Costume Crew: C Wood
D Watson
Stage Crew/Wall People: C McLaughlin
T Daniels
A Romero
C Massie
T Scorse
L McRee
M McGuire
M Horiates