The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee



Rona Lisa Peretti: L McRee

Vice Principal Douglas Panch: C McLaughlin

Mitch Mahoney: T Daniels

Olive Ostrovsky: T Scorse

William Barfée: B Brekhus

Logainne Schwartzandgrubenierre: M Horiates

Marcy Park: M McGuire

Leaf Coneybear: A Romero

Chip Tolentino: C Massie

Carl Grubenierre/Jesus: J Rodriguez



Stage Manager: K Percy
Assistant Stage Managers: D Baca and S Monroe
Off-Left Crew Head: L King
Light Operator: A Honore
Assistant Light Operator: S Monroe
Intelligent Light Crew: J Miller and M Thomas
LED Light Crew: C Macon and D Ryan
Sound Operator: D Thomas
Assistant Sound Operator: St Davis
Projection Coordinator: P Swindling
Spot Light Operators: D Baca and C Macon
Stage Crew: J Pittman
K Cannington
D Ryan
D Cordell
M Holden
Props Mistress: L Marshall
House Manager: M Varma
House Crew/Ushers: F McGeer
T Shukla
T Dormire
A Bergeron
Costumes Manager: L King
Hair/Make-up Help: E Bell and S Davis