The Velveteen Rabbit

Narrator #1, Fairy – B Hollingsworth
Narrator #2, Toy Soldier – T Hulkowich
Narrator #3, The Lion, Nana, Extra Bunny – K Wright
Narrator #4, Toy Boat – S Jiwani
Skin Horse, Doctor, Extra Bunny – K Sam
Boy – L Nelson
Rabbit – M Alcantara
Aunt, Bunny #1 – A Horton
Uncle, Bunny #2 – C Cook
Boy Understudy – C Cook
Rabbit Understudy – A Horton

Stage Manager – C Burks
Assistant Stage Manager (Actor) – Z Rumpff
Assistant Stage Manager (Tech)/Shop Foreman – Q Woelffer (with assistance from M Thomas)
Light Operators – H Kersten
LED Operator – S Ismail (with assistance from D Watson)
Sound Operator – B McCown
Set Crew – T Hardrick
B McCown
Props Master/Mistress – S Reddy
Props Crew – T Johnson
Costume Shop Foreman – A Wheeler (with assistance from S Davis)
Costume Crew – T Hardrick
House Manager – T Johnson
House Crew/Ushers – D Miller
Encore Members